The Shift: A Journey of Self Discovery

Due to COVID-19 this program is paused.

The Shift: A Journey of Self Discovery

The Shift is a series of workshops designed to help people with cancer, caregivers and survivors embark upon a journey of self discovery. The six sessions are primarily designed to empower those whose lives have been impacted by challenge and change. Each session uses stress relieving tools and techniques that are straightforward and require minimal time commitment.The Shift logo

The series begins by exploring the power and potential of the word “No” in order to achieve quiet space.  It continues with an opportunity to become reacquainted with that internal self that may have become silenced.  Then it is time to enter into a conversation with that internal self to better determine what may be needed. The next session explores strategies to achieve self care. A laugh a day may not keep the doctor away, but it is certainly a good thing so the fifth session is about inviting yourself to a play date. And finally, the sixth session brings the insights together and celebrates the journey.

Changing your Relationship to NO
This session explores reintroducing the word “no” to your vocabulary and how to use it to define boundaries and manage your resources.

Re-friending Yourself
In this session you will learn how to re-connect with yourself. This is the time you learn to respect and care for yourself like you would a beloved friend.

The Conversation
Using questions, quotes and images in this session you will explore contemplative writing to learn more about yourself and to take quiet time to be thoughtful, in a structured way.

The Support
In this session you will learn techniques for self approval, the joy of setting personal priorities how to put yourself at the top of your list, and why that is important.

The Play Date
In this session you will learn what play is and what it means to you, the benefits of play and how to give yourself permission to play. We will share some playful activities and laughter.

The Honouring
The Shift has occurred and that is to be celebrated. It is time to honour you. You will have new priorities to declare and fiercely guard. Let the celebration begin.

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