We love to hear how we have helped you or your loved one on their cancer journey. Please email Katy to share your experience.

"The two volunteers who helped me choose the appropriate wige were very helpful, friendly and kind. I was so impressed with their compassion towards me. The wig has restored my identity and my dignity, an immense help in this cancer journey."


"Hearing the word cancer was a very scary and frightening word to hear for me. I was the first of my family to be diagnosed with two different cancers in a short period of time! First was my 3rd stage (borderline 4th stage) colon cancer in 2001 and then 1 year and 9 months after chemo, I was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma of the thyroid. Now I know that I have a family history of bowel and breast cancers on my Dad's side but I never expected to have two cancers myself in such a short period of time! This has been a huge wake up call for me and it's just so nice knowing that there is a support centre like HopeSpring to offer services that will help me through my journey! I can never thank them enough for being there for me at my greatest time of need! It was just so reassuring to know that I was not alone in this journey!"

Sophia Stanwyck

"HopeSpring is many things to many people. I am continually grateful for the warmth and openness that is shared here."

Anne Marie Mingiardi

"Chloe will be coming this Sat. I am so thankful for this program. Chloe was excited to come for and talked for days about the SOAR program which is amazing for her because in the past she has not wanted to even discuss cancer. Your program and meeting other children facing the same thing was reassuring for her. Thank you so much. What an important program to run"

Wendy S.

"Thank you as well for making such a difference in the lives of these young children who have been touched by cancer. I knew SOAR was beneficial but I can see now how really important it is. It is such a difficult thing for young children to process but SOAR helps Bre with this so much […] her angry out bursts have left since the activities you and your volunteers did with her this week"

Jenn G.

"Thank you for the amazing work you and your team do. Shea is really enjoying the program and thinks you ladies are great. She absolutely loves the program and all the people involved with SOAR. She enjoys telling me all about it when she gets home"

Kim G.

"HopeSpring gives us a cozy feeling know there are other kids having the same issues and that there is a way to comfort the frustrations of the side effects of cancer in the household. It is a blessing to have this support."

Dave Dahl

"I had the opportunity to receive one of the Henna Crowns from Bhupi yesterday during one of the workshops at Hopespring.  The crown is absolutely gorgeous and she was energetic, professional, fun and most of all human!  Something the world needs more of.  Bhupi made sure the henna design works into my existing shoulder and arm ink, as well as taking the time to do a small hand piece for my best friend, who has been to every fun and not so fun appointment since the beginning.   

I know the henna tattoo is right for me as I am not comfortable in a wig or hat, unless the hat is for winter warmth outside.  Even last night, as I sat in the movie theatre, the positive comments, quiet smiles and nods are worth it.   Cancer should not be hidden: there are too many of us that go through it spending unnecessary energy hiding who we are for months and too many who do not have enough support.  To the current generations in love with body art and self-expression, the opportunity to have a crown, however temporary is both empowering and a lifestyle choice that not only suits but rings true with friends and family.    

Thank you again for the opportunity - you have no idea how much I looked forward to it and how excited I am to show it off!"

Tanya Olsen

"In 1998 after having breast cancer, I came to the yoga class. Beth Sellars was such a caring person in the way she taught the class. It certainly helped my healing; it was such a calming place to come to. I have donated ever since."

Mary Peters

"Thank you for all the warmth and comfort you provided. It means more than you could ever know."


HopeSpring means to me warmth, a place where most people are nonjudgmental, caring and willing to do whatever is needed to support those on this cancer journey, whether directly or indirectly. HopeSpring values everyone. I feel grateful for HopeSpring and all who work and volunteer there. I hope to be able to volunteer later on.


"HopeSpring means comfort, refuge, peace & hope."


"HopeSpring is a chance to take time for myself and be present with others who share our experiences and journey, even if we don't say a word..."


HopeSpring has become a foundation to me. A place I attended programs with my Mom before she passed. I continue to attend programs with people - friends that have become my HopeSpring family.


"Came to HopeSpring today to manage my negative thoughts"


"HopeSpring is the only place that has given me hope since my diagnosis."


"HopeSpring is a chance for me to be around other survivors who understand what you are going through, share ideas & celebrate triumphs.  All the free programs are such a blessing and a huge part of my ongoing recovery process.  They give me strength and inspiration to being performing my music again!  HopeSpring is always a welcoming, relaxing, supportive place for anyone facing the challenges of cancer."

Faith Walker

"My life turned upside down when I discovered I had cancer. Things happened really fast. All of a sudden medical appointments took first priority and managing side effects of the cancer treatment became a close second.

I had heard about the Healing Journey program at HopeSpring and decided to check it out. I felt an enormous sense of relief by talking to others who had gone through similar treatment. It didn't take long before I found my stress level decreasing and my focus on healing increasing. With the support of others in this group, I discovered coping skills that worked for me, and an opportunity to turn my cancer journey into a healing journey."

Bridget Brown

"At first I thought I could get through this on my own. Then a deep level of fear swept through me that I couldn't possibly share with those closest to me. I had to protect them from understanding the enormous dark weight of it all. When I reached out to HopeSpring they met with me to calmly bring me out of my panic attack. I was able to share my fears and doubts with them, knowing that they would understand and were there to listen and to help."

Diane Tutton

"The support groups have been amazing. Tools for the Journey was the first one I went to. I go to the Tuesday morning group (Women's support group in Cambridge) and it's very helpful to talk things out - get others' perspective and help  advice about meds and everything else."


"They helped me cope with breast cancer and I felt supported by the group and the kindness we show to each other."


"My cancer support group is the ONLY place where I feel normal during my cancer sickness. I am emotionally and mentally encouraged each and every time I meet."


"It  (HopeSpring) has given me the opportunity to explore options for relaxation/healing (Reiki for example), for connection and learning (support group_ and a sense of 'community' during a very tough time."


"It (HopeSpring) has helped me to cope with cancer just by being around others who are going through the same as myself. At HopeSpring, we can share each others' views and ups and downs and it helps me deal with my problems in a better light"


"HopeSpring means empowerment, hope, health, life and new beginnings."


"First of all I live in Cambridge - so it is more accessible.  And when you are not feeling well - the last thing you want to do is drive a great distance for programs.  There was many times I went to yoga feeling terrible from chemo/radiation and came out feeling so much better.  Plus seeing faces that had survived through many a struggle, seeing the difference these programs have made in their lives and getting encouragement from the instructor or those that attended made a huge difference in the course of my recovery."

Kim Turner

"HopeSpring has helped in so many ways.  Specifically the wig boutique and the very caring manner that I was helped at a difficult time. The options of Reiki, Reflexology and Gentle Yoga helped me thru the times I had no energy, didn't want to be out in public and overall gave me a better sense of wellbeing throughout my treatments."


"When I was first diagnosed, it was the place I went to first - before surgeons or cancer doctors I saw others who had gone through exactly what I was facing. I picked up confidence that I would survive. I picked up good tips (take a tape recorder to all oncology sessions) and I learned to have a sense of humour regarding my situation."


"Through the yoga programmes, I have been better able to cope with the  presence and uncertainties of caregiving. We are now on our second cancer and the uncertainty. Thrive yoga is extremely important in this process."


"Helped me emotionally and physically with my pain."


"It was really good to be able to talk to someone in our community who could guide me along my road to recovery."


"Meeting some amazing people, while I am also able to give my time as a volunteer to a REALLY GREAT CAUSE & EFFORT & SUCCESSES."


"HopeSpring helped me to stay positive through my cancer journey with offering special classes and healing sessions. The staff always made me feel special. I can't thank HopeSpring enough."

Janice Whitehead

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