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Connect 4 Exercise-Study Opportunity with University of Toronto Faculty of Kinesiology

Hello Potential Participant:

We are conducting a new study entitled, “Connecting breast cancer survivors for exercise: A randomized controlled trial” (Connect4Exercise for short) through the University of Toronto under the supervision of Dr. Catherine Sabiston. You are being invited to take part in this study because of your involvement with HopeSpring. 

The purpose of this study is to determine if the addition of support from a qualified exercise professional improves outcomes for breast cancer survivors compared to those receiving social support from an exercise partner only.  

In order to be eligible for this study you must

  1. Be female 
  2. Have a previous diagnosis of stage 0-IV breast cancer 
  3. Be 18 years of age or older  
  4. Be living in Canada 
  5. Currently engage in less than 150 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous exercise per week 
  6. Be medically cleared for exercise - Please refer to the “Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone (PAR-Q+)” (see attached) or at For more information regarding medical clearance please contact us: 
  7. Have an internet-connected device (e.g., computer, smartphone, tablet) 
  8. Read and understand English 

You will not be eligible for this study if you:  

  1. Report contraindications to participation in exercise 
  2. Had recent or have planned surgery of any kind (including reconstructive surgery) 
  3. Do not have an internet-connected device 
  4. Already meet exercise guidelines (150 minutes of at least moderate intensity exercise per week) 

  The study investigators will match you with another participant who also consents for this study. You and your partner will be randomly assigned to one of two groups:  

(1) MatchQEP group [you and your partner will receive a 10-week tailored exercise program with weekly check-ins by a qualified exercise professional], or  

(2) Match group [you and your partner will be asked to independently communicate and support each other around exercise for 10 weeks. At the end of the study (approximately six months from start), you will be offered a session with a qualified exercise professional to discuss any exercise-related questions].  

As part of your participation in this study, you will receive a Fitbit device. You will be asked to wear the Fitbit on your wrist during waking hours for a total of four weeks (one week at four different timepoints). You will also be asked to complete a total of five online surveys (the first survey is to help the study team match you with an exercise partner). These surveys will be sent to you via email and will require approximately 15 to 30 minutes to complete. You will be able to keep the Fitbit device once data collection is completed.  

Please contact our team at if you would be interested in participating in this project and we will respond to you by email with more details and to confirm your eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed, we will provide you with the study information and consent form by email. 

Thank you in advance for considering this request. 


Connect4Exercise Study Team


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