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12 Days of Hope

🌟 Embrace the Spirit of Giving and Joy 🌟 Starting Tuesday December 12th, 2023

As we approach the holiday season, HopeSpring is thrilled to unveil our inaugural "12 Days of Hope" campaign, a celebration of compassion, community, and the power of collective support. Over the next twelve days, we invite you to join us in spreading warmth and cheer by contributing to our mission of providing hope and healing to those now facing life's toughest challenges.

Each day, we will highlight a unique aspect of HopeSpring's impact, from supporting children affected by cancer to highlighting our crucial support groups. With your help, we aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and families who rely on our services for strength and resilience.

Let's come together, share the gift of HOPE, and make this holiday season brighter for those in need. Follow our journey over the next twelve days on social media, and consider being a part of the magic by contributing to our "12 Days of Hope" campaign. Together, we can create a ripple of positivity that resonates far beyond the holiday season.

Stay tuned for daily updates and opportunities to make a lasting impact.

Let the "12 Days of Hope" begin! Giving Opportunity Here

🌟 Embrace the Spirit of Giving and Joy with Our "12 Days of Hope" Christmas Trees! 🎄✨

Every day, we will unveil a unique visual of a HOPE Christmas tree, symbolizing not just hope, but joy, smiles, and the shared experience of coming together. Christmas trees have a special way of uniting us, and we believe they embody the spirit of HOPE that we strive to spread at HopeSpring.

Throughout this 12-day journey, we invite you to discover more about HopeSpring. Join us by commenting on our social media channels in this collective experience by sharing your thoughts, words of encouragement for our community, heartfelt prayers for a loved one, or tributes to those we hold dear. Your words have the power to uplift and strengthen our shared bond.

As we embark on this heartwarming journey, we look forward to your comments, stories, and reflections. If you find it in your heart to contribute to this cause, know that every dollar, big or small, makes a significant impact in bringing hope and joy to those who need it most.

Thank you for being part of our "12 Days of Hope" journey. Together, let's make this holiday season brighter for all.

P.S. Look for the word HOPE in every tree on our socials. Starting Tuesday December 12th. Can you find it hidden in the tree above?

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HopeSpring Needs Donors Like Yourself

  Thank You for the continuous support from our amazing community! For those who are asking how they can help to assist,  please see the three options below:

  If you are able to financially support HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre, we ask that you utilize our online giving-partner CanadaHelps, it is the most efficient way to donate and you will receive your charitable receipt immediately.

CanadaHelps is our giving partner. A Tax receipt will be issued right away for your records.

  Donation Requests: If you would prefer to donate items, here is a curated a list of items that would help us to transition during this time.

HopeSpring Cancer Support Requirements:

  • Masks (handmade or not)
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Soft Cotton fabric/material to make chemo head caps
  • Large freezer bags to safely store wigs
  • Knit caps
  • Head scarves
  • Unused/new blankets
  • Quilts/fabric to make quilts
  • Inspirational notes of encouragement from community members for cancer patients/caregivers/family members
  • Yoga mats/blocks
  • Office Supplies such as printer paper, pens, markers etc.

Drop-Off Sites:  The Inn at Waterloo (main lobby) have volunteered to be a drop-off site for physical donations. 

Alternative, please call 519-742-HOPE (4673), leave a message or by email president@hopespring.ca to make arrangements for pickup or delivery.

If you are able to help with any of these suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

  On behalf of the entire team at HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre, we thank you for your kindness, generosity  and compassion.

15 Ways to Support HopeSpring:

  1. Donate online
  2. Send a donation (download, print, sign & mail in)
  3. Pledge your support on a monthly basis using a credit card
  4. Donate your car
  5. Ask your employer to match your donation
  6. Make a gift donation in honour of a birthday or anniversary
  7. Instead of a "gift exchange", make a group donation
  8. Ask your Service Club to support HopeSpring
  9. Make an "In Memorium" donation to HopeSpring (if you would like an acknowledgement to go to the family please note this when making your donation)
  10. Make a gift of stocks, bonds or make HopeSpring the beneficiary of a life insurance policy
  11. Have a "Pay to Dress Down" day at work
  12. Donate your time or skills as a volunteer
  13. Join our Board of Directors
  14. Host a fundraiser
  15. Volunteer
By making a donation to HopeSpring, your support can make a difference within our community. All donations are gratefully acknowledged, and tax receipts for donations of $10 or more are provided. 

If you donate online through CanadaHelps or any other donation portal, your tax receipt will be generated and sent to you directly. 

If you donate using a cheque or cash, we will generate a tax receipt and send it to you in January.

We are looking for headcoverings and cancer caps in neutral or solid colours for our members. These headcoverings are provided to our members who are losing or have lost their hair due to cancer treatment, through no-contact delivery methods. We are also looking for matching fabric face masks for our members.

If you have some you’d like to donate, you can drop them off at the Inn of Waterloo front desk. For more information, please call us at 519-742-4673.

Make Your Donation Here

When you donate to HopeSpring, you are making an investment in the quality of life in our community.  You’re directly helping to address a serious challenge, by providing the resources needed to lessen the burden of cancer.

Not comfortable making online donations? Please reach out to president@hopespring.ca or finance@hopespring.ca 

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