Cancer Care Counselling FAQ

Cancer Care Counselling FAQ

HopeSpring offers Cancer Care Counselling, provided by professional, registered therapists to those affected by cancer. We recognize the impact of the cancer diagnosis which often is debilitating for the patient and their family. HopeSpring gives the patient and their family the tools to navigate through the system with the support of the Cancer Care Counsellor.

We offer one-on-one counselling, couples counselling, family counselling, child(ren) with parent(s) and caregivers counselling through the phone or using Zoom video conferencing software.

Registration is required. You must book an appointment in advance.

Location: Phone or Zoom

Designed for: 

  • individual one-on-one support,

  • couples counselling,

  • family counselling,

  • child(ren) with parent(s), and

  • caregivers counselling.

To register or additional info for a Cancer Care Counselling go here

Q. Do I require a referral from my oncologist or family DR?
A. No referral is necessary for cancer patients, their caregivers, family members, friends or children.

Q. Should I register to be become a HopeSpring member first?
A. It is preferable if you are able, but not necessary. For your convenience register here.

Q. How much do the sessions cost?
A. There is no charge for the sessions.
If you feel like you would like to donate to HopeSpring programs you can do so here at our giving partner site called CanadaHelps.

Q. Are your services offered according to COVID guidelines?
A. Our counselling services are provided by either telephone or Zoom.

Q. How can I get an appointment.
A. Registration and appointments are required prior to seeing the counsellor. Appointments can be arranged through online registration by completing a request form, emailing or leaving a voicemail at 519-742-4673.

Q. How long is the wait time?

A. Wait times may vary, according to demand. You may also go on a waiting list, if an appointment becomes available our team will contact you.

Q. How many sessions are each person allowed?

A. Assessments are completed by the counsellor and that info would be shared with you when available, once you start your sessions. Generally speaking there are no limits.

Q. What type of counselling do you offer?

A. We offer one-on-one, couple, family and youth counselling.

 Q. What if I am on the waitlist, what other options are there for me?

A. We have peer support and group support available to assist you while you wait to see our counsellor.

Q. What if I am in crisis and I need support?

A. Here24/7 is available.


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