Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Therapeautic Touch

These programs are currently paused due to COVID-19.

Relaxation therapy

Massage Therapy

A massage appointment is available to patients and caregivers once every four months from our Registered Massage Therapist. An oncologist authorization form is required for cancer patients before booking the appointment.


The body is mirrored on the bottom of the feet. By stimulating the various pressure points, studies have shown reflexology to be affective in alleviating pain and anxiety. The 45 minute appointment relaxes the body and mind, reduces stress and improves circulation.


Reiki is an ancient healing technique. It is a treatment in which healing energy is channeled from the practitioner to the patient who is sitting or lying quietly to enhance energy and reduce stress, pain and fatigue. Reiki is a simple procedure, consisting of calm and concentrated touching, with the practitioner focusing on healing and giving energy to specific areas on the receiver's body.

Therapeutic Touch:

Therapeutic touch is a healing technique designed to help restore the body's natural and healthy flow of energy. The treatment delivered by a certified volunteer practitioner provides a relaxing experience and improved sense of well-being. Appointments are 45 minutes in length.

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