New at Cancer Care Counselling

NEW!!! Booking System for Counselling!

noname_1682447461272This is an exciting new change for HopeSpring! We have created a new bookings system to allow for a more accessible and time-saving way for individuals seeking our counselling services.

This new system will allow for many new things such as:

  1. Automatic reminder emails sent one week before, one day before, and 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment  
  2. This reminder will include the zoom link for your session  
  3. Includes a cancellation form that can be filled out one week or one day before counselling to ensure that we are able to potentially give that cancelled appointment to another member 
  4. And a review of our confidentiality agreement  
  5. This system also allows our team to be able to work together more with a shared calendar to ensure maximum counselling needs 
Four Services Will Be Offered 
  1. The initial intake with Nohelia 
  2. A risk assessment with Vanessa. This will be a 15-30 min check-in to ensure that all members are receiving the support that they need. Therefore, for our members who may have a longer wait time to see our counsellor, this system allows Vanessa to provide mental health check-in's if more support is needed within that waiting period.  
  3. A counselling session with our counsellor 
  4. A mental health check-in (if needed) with Vanessa-As mentioned previously this is an extra support service for our members and can be a quick 15-30 min call or can be an hour if needed. This service also is available to all members even if they are not seeking out counselling or may be unsure about counselling 
  5. You will also be able to receive an email if our counsellor needs to cancel or reschedule an appointment. 

The following three screenshots are what these emails will look like!


Confirmation/New Booking Email: 

Reminder Email: 

Cancellation Email: 


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