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Renée Lawson is a 2nd Year Honours Kinesiology and Psychology student currently attending Wilfrid Laurier University. She is very passionate about the arts and physical activity, as she has been training as a dancer for 16 years. Her major career goals are to become a highly skilled physiotherapist and potentially open her own clinic for paediatric rehabilitation to help children with physical disabilities and injuries. Renée was one of the recipients of the Menich Award, which allowed her to partner up with HopeSpring for her first co-op term. She was tasked with creating educational and meaningful programming to help members learn more about health and physical activity, as well as how to build important muscles that may have been lost during chemotherapy treatments. Renée hopes to foster new and valuable connections with HopeSpring's members as she leads them through their personalized programming, which will help her learn and expand on creative ways to provide the best possible care for her patients in the future.

Cancer and Physical Activity Presenter Bio

Dinah M. Hampson, B.A., B.Sc.

Dinah completed her B.A. in Health Studies at Queen’s University and B.Sc. in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto. Her passion for Sport Physio led her to active membership in Sport Physio Canada, acquisition of her Sport Physio Diploma and her International Sports Physiotherapist qualification. Dinah holds the Diploma of Manual & Manipulative Therapy, multiple clinical certifications, and is an examiner for new Sport Physio candidates.

Dinah founded Pivot Sport Medicine in 2003, 15 years later co-founding Pivot Dancer. Due to her years of classical ballet training she brings a technical eye to her treatment of dancers and artistic athletes. Dinah, with Pivot Dancer, consults with clinicians and dancers worldwide. 

Her experience includes but is not limited to:
 • Medical team member for the Summer Olympic Games, Special Olympics, Paralympic, Pan American, Winter and Summer Canada Games, Canadian National Fencing team. 

• She was one of two therapists to represent Team Canada at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games 2010 in Singapore and held the post of Chief Therapist for the 2013 and 2015 World University Games.
• Dinah has specific experience within many sports: fencing, cycling, gymnastics, tennis, diving, boxing, rugby, water polo, swimming, athletics, canoe kayak, and more.

July 16th-PhysioFitness for Caregivers and Survivors

Tom Sawyer’s Professional Bio

Tom has been educating and training individuals and companies to better health, Fitness and performance for the past 34 years. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Kinetics and Kinesiology, is a Certified Exercise Therapist and Hydro Therapist,

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (Master Trainer), Certified Fitness Appraiser, Certified Nutritional Counsellor, Certified Lifestyle Change Counselor, Bootcamp Instructor, P90X Instructor, CROSSFIT Instructor, Level 3 Track & Field Coach, Level 1 Boxing Instructor and Tae Kwon Do/Kick Boxing instructor. Tom is also an accomplished Triathlete and Duathlete and he has represented Canada at the World Championships in both events in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1999. Tom has personally trained and educated over 15,000 individuals to significant weight loss, better energy, strength and performance.

Tom owns and operates his own Wellness company ‘I Wellness Solutions Inc.’ He specialized in workplace wellness programming in the corporate sector for 19 years, focussing on helping companies empower their employees toward better health, energy, engagement, productivity & performance. Tom pioneered Wellness/Weight Loss Challenges in Ontario in both corporate and public sectors (online & in person) for over 20 years working with over 10,000 participants to success in weight loss, fitness and healthy lifestyle change.

Tom works with all levels of participants from beginner to elite athlete. His passion and goal is to help each client overcome personal challenges and achieve their personal best in health, fitness and performance creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle long-term.

July 24th Cancer and Mental Health

Laura McShane is a graduate of the University of Waterloo with a BA in Social Development Studies and a Diploma in Social Work. She is also a certified life coach.  Her work experience includes residential work with young offenders, counselling with youth and families, long term community-based support to people living with mental health issues, and over 15 years of experience delivering community and workplace trainings related to mental health and suicide awareness.  She is currently the Coordinator of Mental Health Promotion and Education Services for Waterloo Region with the Canadian Mental Health Association Waterloo, Wellington.

July 31st-Sleep Workshop Guest Speaker

Jason Brost

Jason is a Clinical Sleep Specialist in the Ottawa-Carleton area. Born and raised in Ottawa, he graduated from Carleton University with Combined Honours in Neuroscience and Biology. He is a former Pharmacy Assistant and Polysomnographic Technologist (or Sleep Tech for short), having worked for several years in community pharmacy before working at the Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital, conducting hundreds of overnight sleep studies and CPAP titrations. Now, Jason uses his knowledge and experience gained in the sleep clinic to help patients with their sleep and with their CPAP therapy. From fitting masks to coaching and teaching patients on how to properly use and care for their equipment, Jason is there every step of the way for new and existing PAP therapy users.



1. The Cancer Connection is a program designed to provide you with tailored information about your health and lifestyle in connection to your journey with cancer. Over the course of 4 weeks, you will learn more about cancer’s relationship with physical activity, nutrition, mental health and sleep health, with the help of guest speakers who are experts in each of these fields. 

July 10th Cancer and Physical Activity
July 17th Cancer and Nutrition
July 24th* Cancer and Mental Health
July 31st Cancer and Sleep Health

Time: 1pm
Duration: 1 hour
Location: Zoom

*Please note the session offered on the 24th is at 10am.              

2 (a). PhysioFitness for Cancer is a gentle exercise program specifically designed for those anywhere on their cancer journey who may be struggling with gaining the muscle mass they need to feel strong. Each week, you will be educated on key muscle groups that are needed to feel strong throughout your day, and what exercises can be done to optimize their function.

Date: July 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
Time: 11am
Duration: 1 hour
Location: Zoom

2 (b) PhysioFitness for Caregivers and Survivors is a gentle exercise program designed for those who are a caregivers for a family member/friend on a cancer journey or if you are a survivor.
Note: The level of intensity is greater than that of the session for patients.

Date: July 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th
Time: 11:00am
Duration: 1hour
Location: Zoom

4. Resources

1. The Cancer Connection: Physical Activity for the Cancer Patient.
2. The Cancer Connection: Physical Activity for the Caregiver and Survivor.

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1. Cancer And Physical Activity
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